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Road Accidents in Cyprus: NO WIN NO FEE

An accident caused by poor road maintenance or by negligent driving may lead to a severe personal injury or death. The victim and his or her family ask for compensation that would correspond to the physical and psychological pain they suffer. Moreover, the compensation is a mean to recover financial damages. In order to receive the compensation you deserve you need the professional assistance of a litigation lawyer.

A professional lawyers will study your case thoroughly and elaborate an adequate strategy. Furthermore, he/she will take into account other experts’ reports, such as medical and engineering reports so that to support your case properly.

Poor road maintenance may cause road accidents

The public authorities, i.e. Municipalities are responsible for maintaining the streets in proper conditions in order to ensure the safety of the people who use them. Consequently, in case an accident was caused due to poor road maintenance the plaintiff should prove that the authorities were negligent regarding road maintenance so that to receive the compensation he or she deserves. For example, the plaintiff could prove that the authorities were aware of or should have been conscious of the road conditions and did not take the necessary measures. The authorities can be informed about road conditions through individual’s reports and their own investigations.

In this point, it should be underlined that it is rather important to gather as much evidence as possible so that to support your case adequately. Our legal team recommends you to speak with people who live near the place where the accident happened since they may provide you with essential information about poor road conditions in order to enrich your evidence.

Signs of poor road maintenance:

  • Potholes and uneven road surface
  • Lack of signs or inappropriate sign placement
  • Poor road drainage
  • Lack of warning signs regarding potential obstacles
  • Faulty traffic signals
  • Not adequate road lighting

Gather evidence and support your case:

Once you collect the relevant evidence, Michael Chambers & Co. LLC will proceed with the necessary strategy so that to achieve an optimal result for you. In other words, you provide facts, we provide solutions.

Our legal team would advise you to provide the following information:

  • the exact location of the accident (for instance the name of the street)
  • details related to the poor road conditions, such as size and depth of the pothole, malfunction of warning signs, etc.
  • names and contact details of any witnesses that might have been present
  • take photos of the damaged vehicles, the location, the signs of poor road conditions, etc.

Car accidents caused by negligent drivers

A personal injury caused by negligent drivers is regulated based on the doctrine of negligence. Some striking examples are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, breaching of road safety regulations a.o. Generally speaking, a personal injury claim resulting from negligent driving aims to recover money or damages. As a result, our litigation team would focus on helping the victim to get a compensation that corresponds to the damage.

Our legal team will study in details all the evidence provided by the client and prepare his or her case accordingly. Michael Chambers and his team will take into consideration reports from other experts, i.e. doctors, engineers, etc.

Important steps you need to follow:

  1. In case you have been injured ask for immediate medical assistance. You have the right to consult a doctor of your choice. Write down all the details related to the treatment, medications and other relevant instructions given to you by the physician.
  2. Document the accident by taking pictures of the place where the accident happened. Usually, insurance companies take photos of the scene. Nevertheless, Michael Chambers and his team suggest that you also should take pictures of the scene. Moreover, you should note important details concerning the circumstances under which the accident occurred.
  3. Get the contact details of witnesses. Witnesses’ statements may support your case.
  4. Contact the police. The police will examine the scene of the accident and proceed to the necessary alcohol test and prepare a report. The police’s report could be evidence at the Court.
  5. Contact your insurance company and give the contact details of the involved drivers except for yourself. Do not to sign any document without an adequate assessment and reflection since this might deprive you of the right to claim compensation or you might receive a smaller amount than the one you deserve.
  6. Ask for a professional legal assistance. This is the most crucial step since a professional legal guidance will guarantee that you will get the compensation you deserve. Usually, insurance companies may offer to arrange everything for you. Michael Chambers and his team advise you no to accept any offer without consulting a lawyer. Insurance companies cover only medical expenses, and sometimes other damages, i.e., car damage. That is to say, insurance companies do not compensate you for personal injury, or the amount they offer does not correspond to the one you actually deserve.

Michael Chambers & Co. LLC offers NO WIN NO FEE service

The litigation team of Michael Chambers & Co. LLC will gather all the relevant evidence provided by you and then do the necessary investigations. Furthermore, our lawyers will enrich your case by using reports from medical experts and engineers.

The Cyprus law firm Michael Chambers & Co. LLC focuses on providing cost-effective services and achieving an optimal result for the client. In case of personal injury caused by road accidents, we offer a NO WIN NO FEE service. In other words, legal expenses are remunerated only if the victim receives the compensation he or she deserves. If you wish to speak to one of our lawyers, then contact us: info@chambers.law

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