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Employment Law

Cyprus Employment Law
Cyprus Employment Lawyers

Employment Law

The legal team of Cyprus lawyers of Michael Chambers and Co. LLC is able to advise both employers and employees on issues relating to employment law. Employment raises a number of unique and complex matters and when problems do occur they can not only serve to be disruptive but also expensive. Our team approaches employment law with a pragmatic approach, helping you to balance employment with the wider commercial aspects which affect the business decisions you make.

Importantly, we know that if a client encounters problems in this area of law, it needs to be dealt with as swiftly as possible. Our goal is to provide speedy, exact advice which is accurate but, equally as important, as cost effective as possible.

We can advise employers and employees on the following employment law issues:

  • Contracts of employment;
  • Restrictive covenants;
  • Self-employment and consultancy;
  • Company policies;
  • Maternity leave;
  • Grievance and disciplinary hearings;
  • In-house support on matters such as immigration, health and safety and human resources;
  • Corporate restructuring;
  • Crisis situations;
  • Specialist advice to management and senior executives;
  • Discrimination;
  • Dismissal;
  • Whistle blowing;
  • Harassment;

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