Family law

Family Law Services in Cyprus

At Michael Chambers & Co LLC, we are committed to providing comprehensive legal assistance and support in family law matters. Our experienced team of lawyers is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of family law in Cyprus.  We understand that dealing with family law issues can be challenging and emotional, which is why we strive to offer compassionate and personalised legal advice tailored to your specific circumstances.

Our Family Law services:

 Marriage: We assist couples in understanding and applying the legal requirements and procedures involved in getting married in Cyprus, including civil and religious ceremonies.

Civil Partnership: Our team provides advice on the legal implications of establishing a civil partnership in Cyprus, including the protection of property rights and financial arrangements and can assist the couple with the preparation and submission of the application.

Adoption: Our team assists prospective adoptive parents through the intricate and lengthy adoption process in Cyprus, which includes the Social Welfare assessment and subsequent Court applications, ensuring that all legal requirements are met and guiding them through the procedure.

Divorce proceedings: Our expert lawyers provide legal advice and representation in divorce cases to ensure and maintain our client’s rights and needs throughout the procedure. We handle both uncontested and contested divorces, aiming to minimise conflict and stress during the process.

Division of Assets: We offer expert advice and representation on the applications for equitable division of assets in divorce and separation proceedings, taking into consideration all applicable legal factors, including applications for temporary use of the family home during such proceedings. Our goal is to achieve a fair and reasonable distribution that meets our client’s needs.

Child Custody, Parental Care and Communication: We represent clients in the application or defence thereof of child custody, parental care or communication cases.  Our team of expert lawyers work diligently to safeguard the best interests of our clients and their children in such disputes, advocating for custody arrangements that promote the child’s welfare and well-being.

Cross-border Divorces: Our lawyers are experienced in handling cross-border divorce cases, addressing the unique challenges that arise from differing jurisdictions and international family law. We ensure that your rights are protected and that any resulting judgments or agreements are enforceable in the relevant countries.

At Michael Chambers & Co LLC, we understand that family law matters are deeply personal and can have long-lasting effects on the lives of all involved. Our approach is sensitive and tailored to your unique situation, ensuring that your rights and interests are protected throughout the process.

For any assistance concerning a family law matter in Cyprus, please do not hesitate to contact our team at Michael Chambers & Co LLC.