Energy Law

Energy Law in Cyprus and EU

Our team of lawyers is experienced in the intricacies of energy law. It is dedicated to providing effective and efficient legal solutions for businesses and individuals operating in the energy sector, with up-to-date knowledge of the applicable regulations and laws.

Our energy law services:

Oil and Gas Law:
We offer comprehensive legal services related to the oil and gas industry, including exploration, production, transportation, and storage. Our lawyers are experienced in negotiating and drafting contracts, advising on regulatory compliance, and handling disputes and litigation.

National and EU Energy Law:
Our team provides expert guidance on compliance with national and European Union energy regulations, ensuring clients operate within the legal framework and avoid potential pitfalls and penalties.

Public Procurement Procedures:
We assist clients in navigating the public procurement process for energy projects, advising on tender documentation, bid submissions, and contract negotiation and execution.

Negotiation with State Authorities, Operating Agreements and Resolution of Disputes:
We represent clients in negotiations with state authorities, drafting and negotiating operating agreements, and resolving disputes that may arise in the course of energy operations.

EU Funding Opportunities:
We help clients identify and secure European Union funding opportunities for energy projects, guiding them through the application process and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and criteria.

Our team provides expert advice on tax planning and compliance related to energy projects, including the structuring of transactions, tax optimisation, and resolution of tax disputes.

Securities Law:
We assist clients with matters related to securities law in the energy sector, including compliance with disclosure requirements, stock exchange listings, and the issuance and trading of securities.

Creation of Corporate Structures:
Our lawyers advise clients on establishing corporate structures that best suit their energy operations, including the formation of companies, joint ventures, and partnerships, as well as the drafting of relevant corporate governance documents.

Regulation of Business Transactions:
We provide guidance on the regulatory aspects of business transactions in the energy sector, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and avoiding potential legal issues.

At Michael Chambers & Co LLC, our approach to energy law is client-focused, providing tailored legal solutions to meet the unique needs of the energy sector and relevant energy projects. If you require assistance with an energy law matter, please do not hesitate to contact our team at Michael Chambers & Co LLC.