E-Commerce Law


E-Commerce law is more important than ever. Internet is growing rapidly while businesses evolve their services by entering the e-commerce industry. E-commerce is the online industry of buying and selling goods or services online.

Michael Chambers and Co. LLC appreciate that this area of law is dynamic. It is a developing and ever-changing area of law and our lawyers provide flexible solutions which adapt to this continuously evolving field of law.

Our proficiency stems from the breadth of our technical knowledge combined with an approach which embraces the unique challenges that this area of law presents.

E-Commerce law in Cyprus

Electronic commerce is, relatively speaking, a newer area of law, but it is none the less one in which almost any business is now involved. These days virtually any industry enterprise uses the internet as a medium for trade, be it through a company website, the undertaking of online transactions or online advertising.

Our lawyers understand that our clients need answers and solutions to their business issues which encompass a commercial understanding and adapt to specific business goals within the ecommerce environment.


We are able to assist your business with the following elements of e-commerce business:

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