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The geographical location of Cyprus together with other considerable advantages and well-developed business infrastructures make Cyprus an attractive location for international business activities. Cyprus is situated between Europe, Asia and Africa, and is a full-member of the European Union since 2004. As a result, much legislation and many procedures have been harmonised with the EU standards.

Cyprus has a developed legal system influenced by the British legal system. The Cyprus legislation is further endorsed with a modern banking and finance sector which may support the operations of multinational enterprises and offer a secure environment to businesses operating in the Republic of Cyprus. Moreover, the well-educated workforce is able to provide high-quality services that will fit the needs of business people.

Among the major advantages of Cyprus as a business jurisdiction, is the favourable tax system. Firstly, the corporate income tax in Cyprus is 12,5% which is one of the lowest in Europe. Secondly, interest income and profits deriving from the disposal of securities are not taxable.  In addition to this, Cyprus maintains double tax agreements with more than 50 countries. Furthermore, the tax authorities have excellent relations with business people and investors.

Cyprus is a relatively cost effective location for company formation. Moreover, the procedures that need to be followed are simple and straightforward with limited bureaucracy. For more information about company formation in Cyprus read the article Set up a company in Cyprus or contact one of our lawyers directly .

Among others, Cyprus is a transparent business jurisdiction. Transparency is one of the core elements of an effective and efficient legal system that facilitates the emergence of new business and investment opportunities. Cyprus is on the white list of the OECD and has adopted International Financial Reporting Standards.

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