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Probate Rules in Cyprus

If you own any immovable property in the Republic of Cyprus, irrespective of your nationality or permanent residence, it would be wise to make a Will in Cyprus for your estate. You can save your loved ones much time and trouble by drafting your Will and specifying your wishes clearly and in accordance with the law.

Michael Chambers and Co. LLC is a law firm of Cyprus lawyers that offers professional advice on Probate Law and Wills matters for Cypriot and individuals of any nationality.

Do I need a Probate Lawyer? In which cases can a probate lawyer help me?
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Succession in Cyprus is governed by two main pieces of national legislation, namely the Wills and Succession Law (Cap. 195) and the Administration of Deceased’s Estate Law (Cap. 189). In addition, Cyprus enforces the EU Succession Regulation (650/2012) on succession matter.


A Will is a written legal document, in which a person communicates their wishes concerning the distribution of their assets and when drafted in accordance to the rules, it takes effect immediately after the testator’s death. It is not mandatory to create a will in Cyprus but is recommended.

The International Trust Law (No. 69/1992) regulates the formation and administration of an international trust. The law was built on the existing Cyprus trust legislation of 1995, The Trustees Law, CAP. 193. The amended legislation provides considerable incentives for the establishment of trusts in Cyprus.

A Grant of Probate is a legal document that authorises an executor (or executors) to manage the estate of the deceased person according to the provisions of their will. A Probate is granted by the Court.

Letters of Administration

If a person dies without a will the court will appoint a person (e.g. a close relative or a probate lawyer) to administer the estate, granting thus the so-called “letters of administration” to the “administrator” of the estate. It is common for the relatives to appoint a lawyer responsible for applying to the court for the letter of administration.


When a person has conducted a valid Will under their jurisdiction, then the Will can be re-sealed in a Cypriot court to be given effect. The need to re-seal a grant of probate or letters of administration emerges when the deceased was not domiciled in Cyprus but owned immovable property there at the time of death.

The Law of Succession in Cyprus

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In most cases – especially where there are many priceless assets requiring composite inheritance tax calculations and therefore a higher possibility of disputes emerging between beneficiaries over the distribution of the estate – the services of a professional probate lawyer are highly recommended. 


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