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The term animal welfare denotes the well-being of animals. In Cyprus, the law for the protection and safeguarding the health and welfare of animals (46(I)/1994) establishes a general legal framework regarding animal treatment in order to safeguard animals’ health, welfare and safety. The particular law applies to domestic animals or animals in captivity, as well as to animals that are under human supervision.

Pursuant to section 4 of Law 46(I)/1994, animals should be treated according to their needs. Moreover, the law provides that it is illegal to injure, kill, torture, poison and expose to danger any animal. Animal cruelty is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately in order to prevent animal torturing and poisoning. Preventing animal abuse will contribute to establishing a safe and healthy environment for animals.

Report Animal Cruelty to Competent Authorities:
The Law 46(I)/1994 provides that complaints related to animal cruelty should be reported to the Competent Authority. In Cyprus, the Competent Authority is the Director of Veterinary Services and any State Veterinary Officer or any police station. However, the Dog Law (184(I)/2002) provides that complaints related to dog torturing and poisoning should be submitted to the Municipalities/Communities or police or both. In addition, complaints can also be reported to the District Animal Welfare Committee.

Punishment is determined according to the severity of the case. Two striking examples are fine and imprisonment. Therefore, if you become aware that you suspect animal abuse, then contact immediately the competent authorities and submit your complaint.

Keep records with all the necessary details:
The lawyers of Michael Chambers & Co. LLC recommend you to keep records to whom you communicate with all the necessary details, such as name and telephone number, when you contacted the responsible person/officer and what steps are taken towards your complaint. For more information regarding the process you need to follow in order to report animal abuse, please contact us at