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Michael Chambers and Co. LLC’s strength as litigation lawyers lies in our pursuit of one goal – to resolve our client’s dispute in the most cost effective manner with the most favourable outcome possible.

Our lawyers recognise that cost management is essential and that litigation is not the only solution to a legal dispute. We consider every possible avenue of resolution, including various forms of alternative dispute resolution, before we advise court action. In doing so we carefully weigh up and analyse the risks and costs entailed in litigious action. Where action is advised we are passionate about pursuing and defending our clients rights and able to offer practical and sensible solutions to disputes which comprise risk analysis and options.

迈克尔钱伯斯有限责任公司(Michael Chambers and Co. LLC)拥有一个塞浦路斯律师团队,其在各种领域,如财产纠纷,商业纠纷,合同纠纷,知识产权纠纷,人身伤害索赔和就业纠纷等方面,拥有丰富的经验。


  • 有关替代性争议解决的建议;
  • 风险分析;
  • 文件整理和准备;
  • 获取暂时令;
  • 宣传;
  • 执行。

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